Day 208 | getting bits fixed in Kununurra: and buying up big at the supermarket

rest day

There’s a bit to do when you get to a decent town after 8 days on the road since Katherine.

Well now 18 days since leaving Darwin. I joked to myself: another town, another weld.

By the time I’d found the engineering place I was looking for I’d traversed most of Kununurra. Tourists and the Ord River irrigation area means this town is booming still. Apparently the big crop here is sandalwood which is harvested for perfumes. One of the best spots in the world for the trees to grow.

The team at Argyle Engineering were as helpful at those in Katherine. The trailer was welded up and they’ve put a little strengthening rod where the tubing snapped. Matching black paint was applied to the area.

The only issue was the price: instead of the $44 in Katherine it was a highly inflated $50.

If you tried to get it fixed in Melbourne, or some other metropolis you would spend a week finding someone to do it and then another month waiting for the fix to happen. People have been genuinely pleased to help me out so far.

With all the work that trailer has to be good for another 11,500 km now.