Home sweet home: then a proper bed to stretch out on

7 January 2011 | 133 km | Munda Biddi total so far: 765 km

I’m not much of a down-highway rider. It was plenty much fun up in those hills.

OK, you can make more pace, wind allowed, average 16km/ hour instead of 8, but I’m not a convert.

Coming up the Old Coast Road there’s a fair shoulder for most of the way to separate out those who prefer a machine to provide propulsion rather than legs, ie everyone else, as I trundled past a hundred Land Sale signs.

So many wonderful places to live a long, long way from anywhere. What employment is offered down here, other than selling real estate dreams, or sign makers? They seem well provided with fast foods.

I’ve tired of listening to the only radio station I can readily pick up: the Yooff station JJJ. Frankly there’s only so many times you need to listen to the Bloody Beetroots, the Bleeding Knees Club or the Hungry Kids of Hungary.

I revert to the iPod, with battery saved for the last, tired, stretch.

Seemed appropriate to have Arcade Fire’s curiously uplifting The Suburbs, last year’s best album, blasting as I move through the southern parts of Perth.

Sometimes I wonder if the world’s so small,
Can we ever get away from the sprawl?,
Living in the sprawl,
Dead shopping malls rise like mountains beyond mountains,
And there’s no end in sight …