back a week: whadda ya reckon?

9 January 2011

Wow. The Munda Biddi is a blast.

Long stretches, kilometres, of massive fun screaming down obscure single track.

It’s not so easy to find a trail, feeling remote, isolated, bulk single track, most days, for a week and a half, great, free, purpose built accommodation along the way, the opportunity to replenish supplies every three days, plenty of signage, mostly, detailed maps complete with topography sections, no traffic, no people, one end within 35km of a major centre.

This is a digestible little adventure where after your day’s effort, maybe at 8 km an hour with a little walking the bike, you flop onto your sleeping bag still buzzing, if totally exhausted.

Nothing much broke, in fact the new setup has worked out ideal, except I dropped a fixing pin for the Bob and had to secure the trailer with a couple of hose clamps.

The new tent was tested with the temperature switch set to max and then some rain on the last night, and easily passed. The Roadrunner is a good ‘un.

The new waterproof camera was useful to snap pictures when dripping with sweat.

And even the last two days trundling up the coastal highway wasn’t, quite, the ordeal it might have been. You can always count on those afternoon sea “breezes”, ie, gale, to give you a helping shove along.

Yeah, I can go on a bit, I had a great time, it’s remarkable how quickly you forget those sweaty times hauling that overloaded bike and trailer up the next hill.

People of Perth, or anywhere else for that matter, get out there.