last thoughts: Munda Biddi ain't a summer trail

5 March 2011

Not much free range riding recently in the big city.

Perth is progressing through its Hottest Summer on Record.

Plenty, four weeks and still counting of 30°C+ days, 86°F, combined with unnaturally high levels of humidity, preposterously severe nightly minimums, that’s 24°C, 75°F, at 6am. We’re having a couple of days respite predicted, at 29°, then the conditions will continue well into March.

Riding in these conditions ain’t all that pleasant, it’s a sweat, I could be more emphatic here, it’s verging on the outright dangerous when you take into account the terrain and consequent effort needed to traverse them hills.

Dehydration, salt depletion, heat stroke, lethargy, sleeping sickness, etc, are real possibilities for the unaccustomed.

In addition no rain. The last drop, a barely registering 0.4mm, bit over a point, was back on 1 February. There’s been the occasional bushfire around Perth, 78 houses destroyed in one episode. The hills are crunchy underfoot.

Might be better to consider alternative destinations to the Munda Biddi in the heat of summer.

Hint: be prepared.

Better, try Spring or Autumn.