In a forest somewhere on the way to Perth: last night out for a while

6 January 2011 | 111 km | Munda Biddi total so far: 632 km

As it turned out I returned to Jarrahwood yesterday.

The choice had been bleak. Stay in a soggy Nannup campground and watch the rain continue to fall for the afternoon.

Or, head back to the Jarrahwood shelter, it’s on the way back to Perth, where at least there was shelter.

So, same place, different atmosphere. One night a huge sunset, birds squawking, and a few roos. The next: excessive dampness and a few bedraggled roos still munching patiently.

Today there was a 20km finale of dirt road before it was out on the seal for the rest of the journey.

For once in my biking career I’m destination focussed. I try to zone out by listening to some cricket on my little radio.

Australia, who had a world beating, well, pummelling side for most of the last two decades were on the receiving end of the treatment for the last Test. This time round it was even more embarrassing. It was a serious hammering.

Sometimes it’s good to be a Kiwi.