panniers v trailer - panniers

Panniers are good.

With both front and rear panniers you can distribute and balance the weight well. The bike (probably) goes a little faster than with a trailer.

It doesn’t take long to evolve a system to find where everything is stashed. If you can remember.

But a couple of weeks food, and 3 days water, (25 litres), aboard takes up a major part of the available pannier volume. For a long distance trip where supplies can be 1000km apart, ie Tanami Track, or Great Central Road, a good sized rack top waterproof bag will prove essential for holding lighter more bulky components of the trip, ie tent, sleeping bag and mat.

Opinions differ but here’s a couple of contentious ideas. Avoid lots of zips. They are less water and dust proof and a prone to break. And avoid lots of pockets and compartments. Can reduce the flexibility.

Ortlieb make some of the best panniers and bags. Water and dustproof. If fitted correctly to the racks they stay on. You can get them on and off the bike super quickly. That’s handy when you are having to handle the frustrations of another flat tyre.