Day 115 | Deba gnamma (rock) hole: after a slight diversion to Laverton

60 km | zzOz total: 5,736 km

I guess I’d been living in a dream world: hadn’t seen a proper cloud for a month. Around 30°C.

Just perfect.

Today the weather all caught up with me.

As a prelude there was a heavy thunderstorm last night that managed to apply some water to my belongings. I biked into Laverton for a bit of civilisation, ie, a powerpoint for some quick emails and blogging and for some curious reason, the urge for a steak and mushroom pie.

As I left town and made my way back to the turnoff I noted some particularly ominous clouds over in the distance. As I took my obligatory photo at the road sign at the start of the Great Central Road the weather started to come in. Lots of lightning as the entree, some forked, then some rain, then a whole lot of rain, a deluge, finishing neatly with some pea sized hail for a few minutes. Quite the performance.

My bike leaned against the huge metal sign. Being no shelter of any description that could be made out I just crouched in my less than waterproof rain jacket knowing it couldn’t last too long, indeed it was all over with the sun again shining in about 25 minutes. That was the heaviest rain I’ve experienced in some time but it was warm enough.

Distance travelled so far on the Great Central Road: about 200m, the asphalt is about to end.

I looked up at the sign, distance to go: Warburton 559km, Alice 1587km.