Day 37 | Baladjie Rock: contemplation time

rest day


A few quiet bird songs in the distance but this is a place to hear your own heartbeats.

Thump, thump, thump …..

I’m on my ownsome, so the company is great, if overly familiar.

That lack of noise, a rare privilege, I guess, to me it’s a temporary reprieve for my remorseless, restless spirit, a brief interlude of inner peace.

Eventually as the morning fog clears I disturb my horizontal repose, crunch through some of the coarse granite sand, a peculiarly orange hue, and head up for another viewing of the view.

I can see with complete clarity.

I’m wandering over some of the oldest rock on the surface of the Earth, formed almost 3 billion years ago, OK, I exaggerate, but a few hundred million years doesn’t mean much to this monolith.

After high velocity headwinds of yesterday and the pounding rain of last night the day dawned clear, then fog moved in, then lifted, but with no breeze the minimalist lake mirrors the fully clouded sky.

It all mirrors the tranquillity of my own inner self.