Yarri Shelter: time for a rest day

1 January 2011 | 9 km | Munda Biddi total so far: 323 km

Day Eight has been a rest day, sort of.

Just a roll into Yarri, another of the famous Munda Biddi shelters with those inviting picnic tables, a view of mature blackbutt trees leading down to a creek, an afternoon nap, and a check of the bike.

Being Day One of a new year some philosophising was in order.

2010 was great: a full summer at the beach, Esperance, that fantastic, if damp, 2 month journey around the south west corner of Australia to Perth, one of the best sections of my travels, building a few websites, including cycletrailsaustralia.com, rebuilding the bike and ending the year with more cash reserves than I started.

(Somehow I managed to avoid actually mentioning the work component which was pretty significant in time expenditure but it ain’t so bad.)

This year? Who can predict?

I’m sitting here in just shorts, contemplating life, well, actually, dinner.

32°C, 90°F, at 5pm. It’s that kind of day.