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Nglang Boodja shelter: and I've no idea what it means either | cycle trails Australia

Nglang Boodja shelter: and I've no idea what it means either

2 January 2011 | 51 km | Munda Biddi total so far: 374 km

The riding is getting easier. No less fun.

More monster single track to rip down.

Helps that there is no longer the anchor of 7 days food supplies aboard. 4.5 litres of water, a gallon, sees me through the average warm day and knowing that there’s another shelter a day’s ride away avoids the necessity of carrying extra water for camping.

In fact there’s plenty of water. A, short, swim in the chilly Collie River, the flow is coming from the Wellington Dam release, to freshen up.

Am I overdoing this bathing thing? Maybe not, I managed to raise quite a sweat on the grunt up to the shelter.

The deal was this: a rest day at Yarri, ie yesterday, as long as sufficient foodstuffs remained to avoid going to Collie today. One of the disincentives to divert down the hill was the supermarkets are all closed today so I didn’t miss much, except the grind back up the hill.

Due to the strange ways of Australian officialdom it’s an official public holiday tomorrow but hopefully I can stock up with grub in Donnybrook for the last day and a half to Nannup.

Otherwise it’s muesli for lunch. Yum!

At least I’ll be heading the easier direction on the steep inclines I had so much issue with last time in my slippery slidey sandals.

The final days to Jarrahwood and Nannup are rated “easy”. Just a few bumps.

No worries.

Then the tedious plod on the highway, mostly, back to Perth.