Jarrahwood shelter: last shelter on the trail, almost the last of the trail itself

4 January 2011 | 37 km | Munda Biddi total: 464 km

No major insights into the world today.

It’s the easiest day on the Munda Biddi, no big hills except for a short steep section on a sealed road where I manage to crack 50km/hour with the trailer and live.

Gets sandy which slows proceedings. The sun is out and it’s remarkably humid. For the 11th successive day water is dripping from my elbows.

A bit of single track and I pop out into Jarrahwood. Still time to reach Nannup but it’s only Tuesday and there is plenty of time. Strange to have the shelter in the middle of this once upon a time township now reduced to the not many. You don’t need a second hand to count the permanent inhabitants.

Near dusk the local roos come out and congregate on the patch of “grass” outside the shelter. The black cockatoos make a racket for a while.

An apocalyptic sunset.

Where would you rather be?